Integrated Networks

Stay up. Stay running. Stay protected. No matter what.

MEDQ understands that data communication is essential in today’s business environment.

For all your computer needs and local area network support, our team of certified computer technicians will manage and maintain your computer network to keep your business running smoothly. Our full complement of data connectivity services enables your company to link all of your locations together for corporate applications, VOIP services and more. We meet universal requirement through the creation of hardware/software systems as well as custom hybrid networks (wired-wireless).

We keep it simple for you.

MEDQ offers a variety of wide-area technologies and access methods that include IP VPN for secure remote access, MPLS, Ethernet, Point-to-Point T1 services, Frame Relay and wireless Laptop for remote access on the go.

We design and implement networks of small, medium and large scales, including everything, from the physical level to the application itself (or any part thereof, according to the specific requirements of integration and adaptation of the already existing infrastructure).

Communication within and outside of the company is key to its success.

To stay competitive in today’s business environment, you need platforms that facilitate communication and team management for you. We offer a safe, feature-rich, and easy-to-use software package for Business Administration purposes. This is a tool for team management and communication that facilitates the process of choice selection as well as the communication between members of the company or external entities. It has an intuitive interface and is easily adaptable to the company’s specific structure.
The software combines many tools in one platform, including:
Separation of information and CRM
Project management, tasks and events
Online server and document archive
Data transfer and data synchronization
Human Resource administration
Inventory administration
Measurement of performance by timeline metrics